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Je me souviens

Theses pieces are hand drawn black and white portraits of 15 seniors that I’ve met. I’ve also added a short biographical text where you can find out their personal history and interests.

To me, this creation is a way to remember our seniors and learn from them. Their knowledge, memories and history is a real gold mine! It is essential for our cultural and personal construction.

My vision for this project was to bring generations closer, I believe that it could be a link from the older generation to the younger one.

"In light of the conversations she has with her models, Madjin offers portraits that are truer than life, attempting to capture the souls of the viewer through the power of the gaze." Julie Bramond - McGill University.

Quang N'Guyen

Isabel Alcantar

Gretti Istavanné Som

Laure Adebayo   (SOLD)

Étiennette Pradet

Diane Dulude   (SOLD)

Anne-Marie Hébert

Vilor Zakovorotny

Colette Gosselin

Raymond Leclerc

Robert Thibault

Philippe Trolliet   (SOLD)

Djin Villiers

Janie Helen Mianscum Wabanonik

Denise Vezina

Eddy Drouin